Project Name | BEC
Project Specs:
Client: Bahamas Electricity Corporation
Construction Value: $14.32 million
Duration: 2 years and 8 months
Project Description:

This 30 Megawatt power plant consisted of not only the building to house the 30 Megawatt slow turn diesel engine but included the 20 foot deep excavation into the bedrock for the construction of 33,600 cubic foot engine block. The engine block required more than 1500 cubic yards of concrete in a single pour over 20 hours long. The temperature of the concrete during the pour and curing period was controlled by cooling water circulating through a network of piping cast in the foundation block.

The project also included the construction of the chimney base, cooling water spillway and 30,000 gallon diesel storage tank, Reverse Osmosis Plant and ancillary buildings.